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Set up a Walmart Wish List to help people shop the perfect gifts.

Have a birthday, graduation or big holiday like Christmas coming up? Then make it easy for people to choose just the right gift by setting up a free Wish List at Setting up your Wish List is easy, and shopping from it is even easier.

You can add gifts to your wish list from anywhere on the site, including new appliances or furniture. You can even wish for a sleek laptop, iPad or computer. Or, if you're just in the mood from something fun, go for one of our many games or activities.

Have fun with it! Browse the site and when you see something you'd like as a gift, just add it to your wish list. Tell your friends and family about our wish list registry at Christmas, too, then have fun comparing the Christmas gifts on each other's wish list. Plus, having a wish list for everyone makes shopping for Christmas gifts easier and more fun than ever.

If you're setting up a birthday wish list, you'll also find lots of other helpful information here, such as articles on how to plan the perfect party and more. Whether you're picking out birthday presents, graduation gifts or Christmas presents, setting up a wish list is the easiest way to make sure people know what to get you. And when it's time, you can set up your baby registry or wedding registry here as well. Check out all our great gift registry options.

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